Upcoming SF show ) ) )

Hey friends! ¬†Especially those of you in and around the Bay Area… we have a show at the end of the month and would love it if you came!

Wednesday, July 29th
Bottom of the Hill


2 thoughts on “Upcoming SF show ) ) )

  1. Such an impressive show last night at the Hill – excellent musicianship in all areas congratulations.
    Sorry we all had to endure the wait which was really unacceptable but not all all your fault just unprofessional on the owners part.

    Perhaps next time play the Independent ? .
    The level of acceptance would be better there and certainly the sound system sound quality are

    Your band is way past where you played last night ! ( call it a tune up )
    Humbling experience last night, must have been a difficult and sad night for the three of you but the show was brilliance.

    • Hey Mark.. thank you for the kind words and for making it out to the show! So glad you enjoyed the set. It felt nice to play again. We would love to play the independent, but have yet to get an offer. Hope to see you again soon…

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