New album recorded & mixed !!!

Hey folks,

We are very excited to say we’ve recorded and mixed a new album (title forthcoming) scheduled for Fall release on Temporary Residence Limited!  It will be available on CD, 2xLp, and digital formats.  All music was tracked and mixed at the trusty Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco by Jay Pellicci (Om, Deerhoof, etc) in early January.  We recorded as a three-piece… myself on electric guitar/juno-106/piano/nord, Rich Douthit on drums/bells, and Trevor Montgomery on electric bass/melodica/glockenspeil/FX.  The music was written over the course of a two year period with and without our good friend and bandmate Jeff Jacobs.  Jeff passed away from cancer about a week before we were to go into the studio.  The music on the record is in full dedication to his spirit, courage, and grace.

Please check back periodically as more details come through regarding the release date, tours, and other related news.

As always, thanks for listening and for your support!

Much LOVE,

Danny | The Drift


3 thoughts on “New album recorded & mixed !!!

  1. Dear Drift,

    I am so happy to hear that you have a new record coming out this year. I am sorry to hear about Jeff’s passing. He was such an incredible musician and his mark on the Drift’s music will certainly be missed.

    Much love

  2. That’s great news! Also great, and that the death of a loved one did not break your spirit. I think Jacob would be proud of you.

    > tours
    Come to Russia! x)

  3. Danny, Rich & Trevor~
    We’re looking forward to the new release. We know that Jeff would want nothing but continued success and good fortune for all of you! Over the years we had hours of conversation about “The Drift” and he never spoke in terms other than “us, we, the band…ect”. “The Drift” was Jeff’s extended family and he would be so proud to know that you guys are continuing to make great music.

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